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Wholesale Nuts and Candied Nuts are delectable nuts which boost brain functioning and muscle strength. Nuts with vitamin E play a colossal role in improving memory. Nuts Online are preeminent for patients with high blood pressure. Almonds containing protein and vitamins help corpulent individuals in losing weight and diminish risk of heart attack. Filipino Food is becoming the most healthiest, nutritious and toothsome snacks available in copious countries across the globe. A humongous assortment of desserts and Philippines Food are prepared with utilization of these nuts. Bountiful people in several locations purchase these Ethnic Food from online stores which are incontrovertibly reliable and superlative websites. Countless manufacturers, suppliers and retail stores provide 100% natural and chemical-free Philippines Food without using pesticides and herbicides. Maximum retail stores believe in offering top-quality nuts to their clients. Acknowledged as palatable snack of Philippines Food , Filipino Store aid in preventing cardiovascular diseases, endorsing immune functions and developing muscle tissues.
Ethnic Food Acknowledged as one of the most populated Asian countries and located in Southeast Asia, Philippines is a gorgeous destination with Ethnic Food. Tapa, Bopis, Longaniza, Kaldereta, Champorado, Paksiw, Torta and Crispy pata are the popular cusines which are widely eaten in various regions of Philippines. Apart from all these mouth-watering foods, Ethnic Food are extremely prominent in the United States of America, Philippines, Canada and their neighboring countries. Filipinos love preparing scrumptious nuts and desserts such as Halo Halo, Cassava Cake, Ube Halaya, Polvoron, ice creams, Maja Blanca, Banana Lumpia, Mango Pandan Sunday and Ethnic Food. To make banana ice-cream, christmas cakes, mooncake and bobengka more lip-smacking, pili nuts are added. While acquiring or purchasing Ethnic Food or any other snacks, it is requisite to find a reputable store. These nuts from Philippines are available in diverse-sized packs at countless retail stores and considered as ideal alternatives of junk foods.
Candied Nuts
Nuts are determine as dry, single-seeded fruits with a high oil content, enclosed in a tough outer layer but Candied Nuts of Philippines are counted as top-notch and toothsome snacks which are exponentially growing in terms of popularity. These nuts are like by the filipino's. This is the favourite treat in there. Filipino's love to eat. We mostly eat three times but filipino's eat six time in a day. Candied Nuts may be made by pili nuts. Pili nuts commonaly found in philippines. Candied Nuts are most prevalent in philippines. Nuts are important energy and nutrient source throughout history. Islasfoods provide nuts to off-shore people and local's. Online retail stores and firms in plethora of countries US, Canada stock honey flavor nuts which are extremely scrumptious.

Islasfoods is a Vancouver, Canada based company which deals in Philippines Food, Nuts Online, Wholesale Nuts, Candied Nuts

Pili Nuts is a Philippines Food. Nuts Online, Wholesale Nuts, Candied Nuts, Ethnic Food, Filipino Food, Pinoy Food, Filipino Store

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Filipino Food

It is an unequivocal fact that raisins, Filipino Food , cheerios and cucumbers suppress appetite. Low-fat cheese, frozen grapes, apricots, plain popcorn and baby carrots are several foods which have ability to satisfy craving of kids. Since recent past years, demand of Filipino Food and snacks that have magnesium, vitamins, minerals and protein has incredibly increased. Utilized in confectionery, Hazel nuts are usually delectable however these have high fat content. Cobnut and filbert are additional names of these nuts. Hickory nuts are eminent for their hard shells and these are similar to Filipino Food. Sapucaya nuts are inexpensive and these can be eaten roasted or raw. If anyone is a victim of lactose intolerance, yogurts, casein, rice and soy are exceptional options.

Islas Pili nuts are finally in the USA! Find them in all Seafood City stores in California!

Islas Pili Nuts are now in selected Lucky Supermarket stores in Alberta and Manitoba

You can now buy Islas Pili Nuts in selected Lucky Supermarket stores in Alberta and Manitoba.

Islas Pili Nuts are now in selected T&T Supermarket Stores in Metro Vancouver

Islas Pili Nuts are now available in selected T&T Supermarket stores in Metro Vancouver. You can buy Islas Pili Nuts in T&T Metrotown and T&T Richmond.


Islas Pili Nuts are now in Western Canada Retail Stores

Starting November 2013, Islas Pili Nuts are available in select retail stores in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba as well as in new locations in British Columbia. Islas Pili Nuts are now available in cities such as Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Regina.

Islas will reach more consumers who will soon discover the rich, crisp, and delicious Islas Pili Nuts Sweet Honey Flavour.

Introducing ISLAS PILI NUTS Sweet Honey Flavour

Hey Canada! We’re introducing our first fantastic food of the Philippines.

ISLAS PILI NUTS Sweet Honey Flavour are crisp, rich, and delicious.

Made with natural ingredients, ISLAS PILI NUTS Sweet Honey Flavour are grown and handpicked in the Philippines.

*Available in select Metro Vancouver stores beginning September 2013.

Perfect Melt in Your Mouth Treat

ISLAS PILI NUTS Sweet Honey Flavour are great for snacking. They’re in convenient 60 gram packs. Enjoy them solo or with others at home, school, work, or on-the-go.

Discover Fantastic Foods of the Philippines

Islas means a group of islands.

The Philippines is made up of rich and diverse islands that have fantastic foods that we want you to discover.

Taste ISLAS PILI NUTS Sweet Honey Flavour and instantly discover the delicious and crisp nuts the Philippines has enjoyed for centuries.