Why You Need Lysine

It may be the first time since your biology class that you have encountered the term, lysine. What is lysine for? Why should we talk about it?

Later in this article, you will find the health benefits that Lysine can bring you. At this point, however, we shall give you an overview of this substance.

First of all, lysine, as you may or may not recall, is an essential amino acid. This amino acid should be of particular interest to you because of the crucial role it plays in keeping your body in excellent shape. You should know, however, that our bodies cannot produce lysine. The only way that we could have the necessary amount of lysine in our system would be through consumption of lysine-rich food. Foods rich in lysine include various beans, red meat, eggs, and sardines.

Health experts recommend that we take at least 1.5 grams to 3 grams of lysine every day. Some individuals, however, are unable to consume enough lysine. For such individuals, experts advise that they consider taking lysine supplements.

Specific health benefits that regular intake of lysine can bring:

Prevention of cancer

All of us know how fatal cancer can prove to be, especially when it already is in its final stages. Scientists have found from years of research that lysine supplementation can effectively combat cancer cells and keep them from spreading their colonies in the body. Studies on the effects of lysine showed that the amino acid can significantly reduce the number of cancer cells in the body.

Calcium absorption

The amount of lysine in your body determines the amount of calcium that your body can absorb. The higher the levels of lysine in your bloodstream, the more calcium your body absorbs and the stronger your bones become. Lysine is thus ideal for those who are well over 40 years of age who are now most prone to weaker bones.

Protein and antibody synthesis

As an amino acid, lysine plays a key role in the body’s synthesis of protein as well as of antibodies. Thus, those who want to maintain good health should consider taking lysine extracts as a supplement to their diet.


Several studies also indicate anti-bacterial properties of lysine that help prevent various infections, particularly cold sores. Direct application of lysine on cold sores or Herpes simplex is the best form of treatment

Muscle building

Lysine is especially beneficial to individuals who regularly engage in strenuous physical activities. For instance, those who are into muscle building find that it takes less time for them to build muscles when they started taking lysine than when they did not take lysine supplements. Not only that, fitness experts have also found that those who regularly take lysine recover from physical strain faster than those who do not.

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